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 The Great Migration to New England 1630-1640 by Douglas Carter

In 1630, Boxted's vicar, Reverend George Philips led 30 of his congregation to join about 700 others from East of England in a hazardous migration to "the Promised Land" of New England on the East Coast of North America.



This book is a valuable resource for  tracing relatives from this area of the Stour valley and the village of Boxted.


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Also Available:




Boxted, Portrait of an English Village by Douglas Carter. 

"Scholarly and intimate, as a good guide should be, ..." Dr. Ronald Blythe 

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Stop press!

 Essex CC decides that the evidence does not support the existence of a public right of way between footpath 4 Boxted and footpath 3 Boxted. Read decision here



Village News


20 October 2014

Village Hall AGM
Thursday 23rd October 7.30pm All welcome.

Temporary Closure of Cage Lane
20 October for 2 nights
Between it's junctions with Dedham Road and Hundred Lane. To facilitate the installation of fibre optic cables.

British Legion:
Saturday October 25:  Colinís Quiz in aid of the Poppy Fund

Boxted Airfield Historical Group
The end-of-season opening of the Museum will be on Sunday 26 October, 10am to 4pm;
entrance by donation, adults £3, children under 15 free; refreshments available.

Church Services

Sunday October 26:
 am Eucharist: St Mary's Church, Langham.
6 pm Evensong: St Peter's Church Boxted.
10.30 am service: Boxted Methodist Church led by Ann Worker.

Mobile Library
Tuesday October 28 Boxted playing field car park 10.55 -11.30

Thursday October 30, Boxted Village Hall. 2.30 pm: Musical quiz with David Padwick

Seasonal Fair
Boxted Methodist Church
Saturday 15th November
Our annual seasonal function with craft stalls and a touch of the pre-Christmas spirit for those who want an early bargainÖ  


Shoebox Sunday: November 16.
Boxted and Langham Village Schools and Village Churches are participating in this and boxes can be dropped off at these points.  
Clare Arculus is the main co-ordinator: Tele: 01026 271264 and has spare shoeboxes or there are some in Mclauchlan's farm shop on Boxted Straight Road.
Alternatively it is possible to fill a shoebox online at: 

Installation of new water main between Great Horkesley Water Treatment Works, Tog Lane, Great Horkesley and land adjacent Turnpike Close Langham. 
Anglian Water is intending to start construction of a new water pipeline on 20th October 2014. The proposed new water pipeline is part of Anglian Waters long term plans for using and connecting existing pipeline infrastructure together to improve the ability to move water around the county to balance supply and demand between different areas. This will allow demand to be met in areas of growth and address the potential for low pressure issues that could materialise for existing customers if the increase in demand for drinking water is not met. The water main is approximately 6.4 km in length and will have an internal diameter of 500mm.
Following consultation with Colchester Council and the submission of a screening opinion, the council has confirmed that  planning permission is not required for the construction of the new water main. The  pipeline will be laid between Great Horkesley Water Treatment works and land adjacent Turnpike Close Langham, near to the A12. For the avoidance of doubt, the new pipeline as with all the other existing water pipelines, will be located underground. The pipeline will be constructed using both directional drilling techniques, and open cut methods along the route. 
An Archaeological Consultant has been appointed by Anglian Water. Detail consultation is been undertaken with Colchester Borough Council Archaeological Officer. During early discussions it was confirmed that a programme of archaeological monitoring was required under archaeological supervision.  A  Specification for Archaeological Strip, Map and Recording has been prepared and submitted to the Council for approval in relation to an Archaeology Brief issued by the Council.

The pipeline will cross a number of existing hedgerows. In order to limit the impact of the development Anglian Water intended to coppice 6 metre wide sections of the hedgerows back to just above ground level and protect the above ground stems from damage at the relevant crossing points rather than completely dig out sections. This has been agreed with the Councils Landscape Officer, Adam John. The pipeline will then be laid under the hedge by hand. Once the works are completed, if any of the hedgerow plants are found to have died, they will be replanted with native species as agreed with the landowner.

During the construction of the pipeline some  public rights of way and access tracks will be crossed. Consultation has been undertaken earlier this year with the Councilsí Public Rights of Way Officer . Mitigation measures agreed that will avoid the closure of PROW include the following;

1.   temporary closures (3 -4 hours in total) of a PROW while the route across the footpath is open cut, the pipeline installed, the earth backfilled and ground levels reinstated.
2.    Open cut up to a position 3m from the path, providing heras protective security fencing to demarcate the public right of way from the works area.
3.     Backfill, reinstate and provide firm ground to divert the path on to.
4.     Divert the path from its present position by about 6m.
5.     Provide security fencing to demarcate the working area from the temporarily diverted footway.
6.     Assist members of the public if they need to negotiate their way through.
7.   Open cut across the path, lay and joint the pipe, and backfill and reinstate to form a hard surface (approx. 3-4 hours in total)
8.    Reopen the path after removing the fencing.
9.   Set up security fencing before continuing with excavations.
Anglian Water has appointed external consultants to undertake ecology and arboricultural surveys in order to assess the impact of the route on the receiving environment, and where necessary make recommendations to amended the route in order to limit the potential impact of the construction works.  All the recommended mitigation measures detailed in the reports will be adopted by Anglian Water. 

In addition to  consultation with key stakeholders and landowners to agree the  route, discussion have also been held with the Councilís Highways Department about minimising the impact of the planned works on highway users. In this instance, the pipeline will be directionally drilled under the road to avoid any closures.

Prior to starting on site a letter will be delivered to customers of all properties likely to be impacted by the works to inform them of when the works are due to start and to keep them informed of developments during the construction phase.

We have planned the work carefully to minimise any disruption, but we do appreciate that a project like this may cause some disturbance.  With this in mind we have developed a Traffic Management Plan that will prevent our vehicles from parking on the road and allow parking only within the temporary  site compound.  This will be part of the induction that is compulsory for everyone prior to working on site.
During the whole of the works, not only will we will be monitoring the parking restrictions that we have introduced, but also things like noise, dust, and mud on the road. 

Neighbourhood statistics for the Parish of Boxted