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 The Great Migration to New England 1630-1640 by Douglas Carter

In 1630, Boxted's vicar, Reverend George Philips led 30 of his congregation to join about 700 others from East of England in a hazardous migration to "the Promised Land" of New England on the East Coast of North America.



This book is a valuable resource for  tracing relatives from this area of the Stour valley and the village of Boxted.


details of where to buy this book



Also Available:




Boxted, Portrait of an English Village by Douglas Carter. 

"Scholarly and intimate, as a good guide should be, ..." Dr. Ronald Blythe 

details of where to buy this book



Stop press! A 1925 home movie  showing a farm during the transition period from horse to tractor power, with special attention to the labourers who work on the farm in Boxted.

Boxted farm 1925--home movie



Village News


28 July 2014


Call for Sites

I have spoken to Sarah Pullin, Planning Policy Officer for Colchester BC who has commented on the email which has recently been sent out (details below). She said:

'It doesn't matter what is in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan. We would still be carrying out a call for sites across the borough'.

Ms Pullin accepted that this quote would be printed on our web page.



New Rector

The new Rector, the Revd Mandy Elmes, will be licensed as priest in charge of Langham with Boxted, West Bergholt with Gt Horkesley at  a service in St Mary’s Church, Langham on Tuesday 29 July at 7.30 pm.  The service will be conducted by The Bishop of Chelmsford: The Revd Stephen Cottrell.  After the service there will be a gathering at Langham Community Centre.



A Commemoration in Words and Music.


Friday, 1st August 2014 at 7.30pm

At St.Peter’s Church, Boxted.


Join in this special event, which brings together

Nearly 50 performers from the Boxted community.


It is not a religious service but our way of paying tribute,

through uplifting music and moving readings, to the 21 young men

of Boxted who died in World War One.


Tickets, £7 including interval drink.

All proceeds to be shared equally between the British Legion and Help for Heroes

Less 10% to St. Peter’s.


As space will be limited please contact Stephen Whybrow to reserve tickets

As soon as possible.

01206 272773


Attended Refuse Freighter                                                          

This will be at Boxted Playing Field Car Park from 11am – 12 noon on

Saturday 2 August. Extra domestic collections of large household items.


British Legion

To coincide with commemoration of 100 years since the start of the Great War, Boxted Royal British Legion will be open on Saturday 2 August  from 2-5pm with music, raffle, tombola and a warm welcome for all. Greens fish bar will also be outside the legion that same evening.


Church Services

Sunday August 3: 11 am Eucharist (CW) for Parishes of Langham with Boxted, Great Horkesley and West Bergholt. All Saints, Great Horkesley.

10.30 am locally arranged service at the Methodist Church.


Colchester Northern Gateway

Public Exhibitions by Colchester Borough Council will be held at Myland Parish Hall, Mile End Road, Colchester, 10am-2pm on Saturday 2 August and 4-8pm on Thursday 7 August; also at Highwoods Community Centre 3-6.30pm on Wednesday 13 August and 10am-2pm on Saturday 16 August.


The link below will take you to a document I have prepared for the

public which provides a FAQ and answer document that tackles the common

queries and themes that have already arisen from the public exhibitions.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the issues and

reactions - merely an aid to members of the public who wish to follow

the debate as it evolves. It will be regularly updated[1]


Arising from the Gateway exhibitions have been questions as to how the

new NAR3 Mill Road junction will work.


Attached is a diagram to illustrate this 





The plan can be viewed here :  Hard copies are available on request. The pre-submission consultation runs for a period of eight weeks. The closing date for representations is Monday 15th September at 17.00. Representations can either be emailed to or sent by post to:


Denise Humphris The Clerk to the Counci, Boxted Parish Council,

58 Shaftesbury Avenue, Harwich, CO12 4BT


Neighbourhood Watch

Fillpots Nurseries was broken into on the night of Sunday July 27 or early hours of Monday July 28.  The Charity Boxes were taken and gift vouchers.  Anyone who saw anything suspicious call the police on 101.


Hill Farm Site

the Hill Farm inquiry is now going to Full Appeal. Dates are not yet known but it is expected to be later in the summer.


Village Highway Matters

The Local Highway Panel has agreed to spend £6200 to ‘add crossroad signs, and SLOW carriageway markings’ at the Langham/Straight Roads junction. Also,‘Unsuitable for HGV signs’ at Cage Lane and Chapel Road at a cost of £3,000.


The following email was recently received by Boxted Parish Council:


Dear Mr Brentnall and Mrs Humphris


I am emailing you with regards to the volume and weight of some of the vehicles that use Queens Head Road and Ivy Lodge Road culminating in Langham Road.


I commute to Sudbury daily and I am a Community councillor in Myland and I wondered if this was causing any issues for residents. I know a lot of them go to Rix Farm in Queens Head Road so that must have been sanctioned? However the huge lorries using Ivy Lodge – Horkesley Road is increasing. There are articulated vehicles using these routes some of which then cannot pass each other without going at a slow pace to avoid hitting each other.


I therefore wondered if this was a cause for concern for residents of Boxted and if the Parish Council can or plan to do anything? If there is anything that could be done to put a stop to this? The road surfaces are horrendous as I am sure you are aware.

I would also assume commuters like me do not help by using the roads as a cut through to Great Horkesley.


I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards


Dear Ms  …


We are awaiting the completion of the Northern Approaches Road (NAR) due, as you will know, in a few months time. When that is complete Essex County Council, as the Highway authority, have promised they will look at traffic flows from the A134 to the various junctions on the A12. They have recent data and intend to compare ‘before and after’ the road opening.


In theory traffic will use the new road and the A134 at the new junction near Mill Road Colchester and not ‘rat run’ through Boxted and Langham as now. ECC will look to see what measures can be taken if this does not happen.


Lorries travelling to and from Lodge Farm are currently advised to do so via Boxted Road Great Horkesley and access the A134 (this is the road that has the lay-bys) –this was agreed when Rix began to expand. Again this they should be more inclined to do once the new junction is completed and again ECC can consider measures if necessary in due course.


We would also hope that you might be persuaded to use that route too!


Please give me a call if you want to discuss in more detail.






Nigel Chapman


Councillor Fordham & Stour Ward Colchester Borough Council


Dear Councillor Chapman,


The lorries exit at Queens Head road and continue down Langham Road to the A12.


There are other HGV’s using Ivy Lodge Road which are not anything to do with Rix Farms so therefore are not covered by this advice, I feel something should be done about that.


If the new junction takes traffic off of Mill Road and I am able to turn right out of my road, I will maybe inclined to travel this way. However the fact is that we don’t know if this new junction will have any positive impact on the area. We don’t know how the cross-roads will be controlled and it could add time to people’s journeys.


If commuters need to get to the A134 the new junction will only make a difference to those using the A12 not travelling north of Colchester. I merely raised the point initially because I wondered if the local residents were concerned with the heavy plant travelling through their village.

Kind regards


Dear ….


The community are indeed very concerned about the lorries and indeed other traffic travelling through the village but the bottom line is we will not get anything done until the NAR is open. The traffic modellers assure us it will make a difference so we await results!


Kind regards




Nigel Chapman



Langham Road Speeding


Correspondence concerning Langham Road

Dear Ms Humphris


Can we please have some action from the "Authorities" to enforce our new (and very welcome) 40mph limit.


For a start the signs are not clearly visible and perhaps as a result of this the limit is laughable.  Vehicle speeds past our house are as normal - i.e. anything up to 60mph, with motorbikes at the weekend and evenings going much faster.


Traffic volume has increased significantly since the opening of J28 on the A12, and I think there is good reason for this road to be upgraded to Class B.  If Leavenheath on a rural A road can have a 30mph limit, why can't we have the same on a more densely populated C road?


Please would you be kind enough to forward this letter to the appropriate highway authority with the Parish Council's endorsement.


Dear ....


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


The parish council has no jurisdiction over speeding traffic - this is a matter for the police and I will report the problems you have highlighted with speeding to them to see if they are able to take any action.


We are currently awaiting a survey with regards to the increase of traffic through the village as a result of the new A12 junction and to assess what can be done to stop the village being used as a 'rat run'.


I will copy your letter to councillors for them to decide if they wish any further action to be taken as suggested.


Best Wishes


Mrs D Humphris

Clerk to the Council

Boxted Parish Council


Morning denise,I couldn't agree more with Mr … comments! We have had the same problem in Straight Rd the past 2 nights. We have tried to get the bikes reg numbers but with no success. I will informing the police this morning and intend to bring this up with nigel and fellow parish councillors at the next meeting. Regards Mark Parratt (Boxted Parish Councillor)


Good morning,


Over the past few weeks we have received many telephone calls and e-mails from worried residents of Straight Road Boxted and Langham Road Boxted.


The speed limit has recently been reduced from 60mph to 40 mph but this speed reduction appears to have had the opposite effect on traffic which from reports we are receiving is travelling in excess of 60mph speeds in the 40mph zone.


We are wondering if there is a possibility that local traffic police could take some action to deter speeding motorists on these residential roads?


Whilst I am sure you will come back to me and suggest Community Speedwatch or some other speed reduction measures which will require funding and permission from Essex County Council Highways - the problems are happening now and any community action will take some considerable time and effort to get in place, notwithstanding that this a rural community and any 'urban traffic calming schemes' are unlikely to get local support. 


One of our councillors Mark Parratt has indicated that he may be interested in organising a Community Speedwatch scheme but obviously training and recruiting volunteers will mean some months before this could be up and running.


Since we are now receiving several calls etc. from worried residents could we ask from some support from the police in addressing this issue?


Thank you for your help.




Mrs D Humphris

Clerk to the Council

Boxted Parish Council


From: David Underwood <>

Sent: 25 July 2014 17:02

To: denise humphris

Cc: Adam Pipe



Dear Denise,

At present the police are hard set to manage demand with ever decreasing resources, we as the local officers are being used to deal with current demand leaving little room for other matters.


I will of course pass on your concerns to Adam Pipe at the casualty reduction department at Essex Police Headquarters who may have other options such as Motor Cycle Police to deploy.


As a problem solver by nature I would recommend time and effort be spent for long term sollutions which in my experience is the only way to tackle such issues especially where they are unique,in this example the very long straight at Boxted.


Due to the lack of pavement and the increased hazard for officers it is not the best place to carry out such tasks and that is exactly why I would again recommend long term sollutions.


Thanks again and I hope you get satisfaction.


Kind regards Dave underwood PC 71091.

101 ext-487655.


 Thanks Mark


Following on from our telephone conversation : -


I've got this and copied you in to the e-mail to the police asking for them to help with this problem.


Its difficult - speeding traffic is a problem everywhere - all of the councils I work for have issues with speeding and heavy vehicles on rural roads. The police usually advise that they have insufficient resources to monitor these situations and give us a list of traffic calming measures to consider which, of course, require funding and ECC Highways permission - which more often than not is impossible to achieve even if such measures were welcome in rural villages such as Boxted!


It is frustrating as there seems to be little that can be done about it -  we just keep contacting the police, writing to Highways............Community Speedwatch schemes have some success as a deterrent but even then the motorists soon work out that they won't be getting a fine and they slow down when they see the Community Speedwatch teams and then just do what they want when no-one is around - you have to be very visible when doing speedwatch!


We just have to keep trying ..........





Call for Sites

I have spoken to Sarah Pullin, Planning Policy Officer for Colchester BC who has commented on the email which has recently been sent out (details below). She said:

'It doesn't matter what is in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan. We would still be carrying out a call for sites across the borough'.

From: Charlotte Allen <>

Sent: 28 July 2014 11:14
Subject: Call for Sites: Do you know of any land that you think may be suitable for development?


Sent on behalf of Karen Syrett, Place Strategy Manager, Commercial Services


The Council is undertaking a call for details of sites which can accommodate development of any kind; this includes housing, employment, gypsy and traveller pitches and leisure, along with all other types of development. Sites can be Greenfield sites or previously developed sites. Previously developed sites (or Brownfield land) may comprise land which is already developed, but which is underused, no longer suitable for purpose, or that could be suitable for redevelopment. Please submit details of all sites that you would like to put forward, even if you have already submitted details in the past.

Colchester Borough Council is working closely with adjacent authorities to meet the duty to co-operate on cross-boundary strategic issues, such as meeting housing need.  This work will include the consideration of larger sites to meet the combined housing need of authorities in a sustainable way.  In particular, the Councils would be willing to review proposals for larger sites based on Garden Cities principles, designed to support infrastructure provision and sustainable growth.  The Council will accordingly work with adjacent authorities to evaluate proposals for land close to the Borough boundaries that could potentially form part of a cross-boundary development.


Please note that Braintree District Council also expects to be carrying out a call for sites in due course – please check the planning pages of their website for information (


We are inviting everyone - residents, Members, parish councils, agents, developers, landowners and others - to tell us about any sites, land or buildings across the Borough that could have potential for development of any kind.


Details of how to submit sites

If you have a site, or if you know of a site that that you think could be developed, please visit our website, and download and complete the Call for Sites pro forma, providing as much information as you can. A separate form should be completed for each site. Together with your form, please provide a site plan, clearly identifying the boundary of the land being put forward, at a scale of no less than 1:2500, together with a map identifying the location of the site.


Please make all submissions electronically, using the email address provided below. Electronic forms must be submitted in Word format; forms which have been converted to pdf or other file types will not be accepted. Paper submissions will be accepted if you do not have computer access and are unable to make your submission electronically, or if you wish to provide a paper copy in addition to your electronic submission.


The link to the Pro Forma is available via this link


When making your submission, please ensure that you provide the following:


-         A completed call-for-sites pro forma, providing as much information as you can. Please ensure that you submit this in Word format – other formats cannot be accepted.

-         A site map (at a scale of no less than 1:2500)

-         A site location map


Please send your site submissions to:




Post: Place Strategy, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3WG


Please ensure that you make your submission before 5pm Monday 6 October 2014.



What happens next?

The Council is in the early stages of developing a new Local Plan for the Borough which will extend to 2032 and beyond. The information gathered from the Call for Sites will be used to help inform the generation of growth options for the new Local Plan Issues and Options consultation. The Issues and Options consultation is programmed to take place in January/February 2015.


The sites will also be fed into, and assessed, as part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) process. This work will inform the allocation of sites which will be identified at the Preferred Options consultation stage of the Local Plan process.


Please note that submission of a site does not mean that the site will be allocated for development in the Local Plan. The call for sites is simply a way of helping us to establish what sites could potentially be made available for development in the future, for the Council to consider in the process of developing a new Local Plan.  

If you have any questions or would like further information, please get in touch with the Planning Policy Team using the contact details provided at the top of this letter.


Karen Syrett

Place Strategy Manager


Charlotte Allen -

(Mon & Tues all day, Wed & Thurs AM only)

Support Assistant - Commercial Services

Colchester Borough Council 

(    01206 507833





Neighbourhood statistics for the Parish of Boxted